Safe and Effective Means to Perform Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Disposing waste from both households and commercial properties has become a major environmental concern in the US over the past decade. This is why the number of licensed junk removal companies like Steve's General Hauling has also increased. There is a higher demand for contractors that remove organic, yard, or hazardous junk without risking the health of the property owners, workers, and tenants.

Development in the management of waste disposal provides a wide array of safe procedures to control the damages caused in the environment.

  1. Incineration. This is a method that crashes waste products in pieces and reduces the mass of the waste with more than 90%.
  2. Recycling. This is a method of disposing waste after sorting it by type. More than 70% of household waste is recyclable. If you want a yard waste removal service, however, your junk removal contractor will not be able to recycle more than 20% of your waste because most of it will be organic.
  3. Composting. This is the method used mostly for turning organic waste into nutrient-rich dung.
  4. Landfill. A junkyard collects all types of waste which cannot be recycled or reused by using any of the above mentioned methods. Types of junk which cannot contribute to any purpose are disposed there.

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